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Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

Dr. Katherine received her BA in English and a MA in Elementary Education at Adelphi University. She received her Doctorate of Education and Supervision at Arizona State University. Katherine taught for 8 years before moving to the principalship of K-8 and K-6 schools for approximately 10 years. She has served as a freelance writer for various magazines including, Church Weekly, Prom Guide and Glendale Magazine. When Katherine isn’t working as counselor or writing curriculum she loves painting and photography. Some of her work in art, poetry and short stories has been distinguished by awards including the New York Mayor’s contribution to the arts Award, Outstanding Resident Artist of Arizona and the Foundations Awards at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. She also runs recreationally, coordinates fitness boot-camps for women and has a black belt in Taekwondo. Katherine loves speaking to groups delivering her messages with quick wit and real-life stories. She has been involved in church ministry for 18 years leading women’s ministry, teaching, playing piano, singing, and teaching liturgical dance.

Dr. Katherine wants to live in a world where lattes are free, lines are short, and people are judged by what’s inside instead of outside.



Her Kind Heart

Katherine strongly believes in supporting missions in the local and global community as described by the following: orchestrated, attended, raised funds, supplies and clothing for New Hope Children's home Mission trip in Jamaica, created Christian nursing home outreach programs for U.S. Army outreach using adults, children and animals to minister to the infirmed and elderly, worked with Grace for Glory nonprofit for Haiti providing event planning services and financial support for the speaking engagement featuring Tammy Wilson, the mother of Seattle Seahawk’s Super-bowl winning Russell Wilson.

She continues to fundraise, volunteer and work with First Coast Women’s Services Pregnancy Crisis Centers, Central Brazil Mission, and City Rescue Mission.  





Dressing In God’s Love Through The Spoken & Written Word

Featured author

Multiple Talents

Fun Facts

1. Katherine has her black belt in Taekwondo. 
2. She has lived in 4 different states and 2 different continents. 
3. She is an artist and specializes in both portraits and abstract art. 
4. She loves preparing gourmet meals and watching all things superhero. 
5. She sings and plays the piano. 
6. She wrote and directed 5 plays for community theatre programs in NY and AZ. 
7. She wrote her first book to help finance a family living as missionaries in Mongolia.

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God's Little Black Dress For Women: How to Put on the Whole Armor of God Without Losing Your Femininity
God's Little Black Dress For Women: How to Put on the Whole Armor of God Without Losing Your Femininity

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God's Little Black Dress For Women: How to Put on the Whole Armor of God Without Losing Your Femininity

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