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Author Spotlight on: Angel Murchison

Jul 30, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

Angel Murchison is also the founder of Healing Waters Women’s Ministry. It’s Angel’s desire to bring women all across this globe to the same healing waters she experienced, the healing waters of Jesus Christ. She believes God has a purpose and a plan for every life and prayer is vital to transforming our lives.

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There’s Food At Home

Jul 23, 2021 Arianna Dunn

I have sought value in relationships and my career. I have sought strength within myself, or through the compliments of others. I have sought peace through isolation, and hope through my own might.

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Let Him Guide You!

Jul 15, 2021 Shai Johnson

In my travels through life, I’ve ventured down good roads, had detours, and also taken some rough roads. The move to Florida has been challenging, but I keep hearing the conversation that my dad had with my mom; “God doesn’t always put us in a place to learn the good of it, sometimes he wants us to learn from the bad. “What”…learn from the bad? But I learned that when things are going bad, I need to put my Hope and Trust in the Lord.

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The Lesson of the Storm

Jul 09, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

​Watching the scene in my yard helped me notice there’s so much more to a storm. They teach us to prepare, to withstand, and to appreciate the aftermath of the rain. In the same way there is more to our God. When we take this into account, we don’t claim to understand everything about God but we know much of what we experience as Christians has purpose.

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Traveling in Faith

Jul 02, 2021 Sharique Ellison

As soon as I stepped of the plane, it was a winter wonderland! It was cold and snow filled. The snow was supposedly unexpected from the weather forecast. I rented a small car, and this was a mistake because I had to learn how to maneuver through the snow in this little vehicle for the first time. I had gotten my driver’s license in Florida so this was a task I was not use to! The first house I went to was my grandfather’s and he was thrilled to see me after all these years. I was nervous but also happy to see that the house was exactly as I remembered. A little familiarity to calm my nerves with seeing my family after being away for so long. I got to Canada at 1 am and we ended up talking through the morning hours! I ended up having the same experience with my grandmother. I would walk the streets and have flashbacks as a child in this country I was born in. It felt foreign and familiar all at the same time. I have so much family I wish I could’ve seen but 4 days went by so fast. Before I left, I was already planning my next three trips that year.

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Daughter of the Forgiven- Make Peace with your Mistakes

Jun 25, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

When I was seventeen years old, I made a mistake I’ve never forgotten. This mistake, however, was one of many that I made that helped me become the woman I am today. I learned more from that mistake because I grew spiritually to regret my decisions, asked God for forgiveness, and then changed my behavior. Although I had peace with God regarding my mistakes, I’d always felt burdened because I’d kept certain things away from my mother. Year after year, I kept feeling God pressing me to confide in her. There was a problem. She was perfect in my eyes and she believed the best about me. I stubbornly continued to avoid the conversation.

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Jun 18, 2021 Arianna Dunn

I have been contemplating this concept of earning our statuses and income as it relates to work. I feel like I am constantly proving myself to companies to show my value and worth. Earning is based on what we seemingly deserve. The problem with this is, as humans, we inevitably fall short. We are imperfect, and merit does not measure the heart, our intent, or our imperfections. Merit is data driven.

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Struggling with A Ball of Yarn

Jun 11, 2021 Vonyee K. Carrington

I started working on the yarn but found the yarn more difficult than other yarns.  The fibers were not wrapped together as with other yarns that I had used.  These fibers were connected side by side on a string.  The single fibers acted like barbs and were easily tangled.  I had only crafted a small triangle when I hit a huge snag.  The yarn was tangled.  It was wrapped and twisted in on itself.  I thought “I don’t want to cut this yarn.” I knew that I could unravel the knots and twists.

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How Do You Measure Your Success?

Jun 04, 2021 Crystal Johnson

Just like we would read and do what was required of us from an employee handbook, the same thing is required of us by God. Just think about the success God can give us by reading and following the directions in his “employee handbook”—the Bible. He’s the all-powerful one who gives us the success we need.

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Meet Monae Blackwood: An Interview with Youth Phenomenon Artist/Book Illustrator

May 28, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

To become a better artist you have to always believe in yourself and never give up! If something isn't working the way you want it to just whisper to yourself “i got this!” Also listen to your parents because your parents see a vision that you might not always see because I was hesitant at first to open up my own business but my mother believed in me.

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 A Healthy MIND, BODY, and SOUL

May 21, 2021 Sharon Johnson

In recent times, I decided to attend counseling. My favorite scripture justifying this level of self-care is James 2: 26, because the word instructs me to exercise my faith. When I feel defensive or weak I say to myself, “God is here for me, but he also created people I can depend on in times of need.” I often forget that I need to apply that same thinking to my physical and spiritual health as well. Learning to love the skin I’m in has been a long process–with the help of the Lord, I’m getting through it. As I’ve been on this journey, I’ve learned to embrace the parts of me I’ve typically rejected. I’m working to be increasingly accountable and take ownership for my habits and choices, as these past few months have been a real eye opener for me.

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Dear God—Am I Good Enough?

May 13, 2021 Shai Johnson

As a young person who has hopes of being married someday, being accepted the way you are is important and brings paralyzing doubts to my mind. Then the Lord put these words in my spirit: “Your mind is healthy. It’s not your shape, hair, or other things that make you beautiful. It’s your love for me and the way you show my love toward others.” I’m not saying I don’t still struggle, but God’s affirming words in the Bible and in my spirit make all the difference in letting me know, I am good enough.

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May 07, 2021 Sharique Ellison

Sometimes healing happens instantly, and sometimes it happens over time. It all happens in God's divine timing, and when it happens, it allows us to see God’s grace shine in our own weaknesses. I think the disbelief of the ability for someone to be healed entirely is a part of the reason this is often preached but rarely seen. No faith from a believer quenches the Holy Spirits' ability to move on the earth. The lack of belief in God's words also quenches the Holy Spirits' ability to move on earth (Matthew 4:4). Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we start to walk in the fullness of our authority. And believe me when I tell you, I’m preaching to myself!

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Yikes! So Many Things To Worry About...

Apr 30, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

There're so many things to worry about.  We worry about finding a decent job and then when we do we worry about keeping it.  We worry about our children and their safety (even when they're adults).  We worry about road rage, terrorists, police brutality, our finances, if we can trust the government, who we elect for the presidency, going to the movies, the mall, getting on a plane or going to the beach (even the sharks seem to be turning on us). We worry about hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, aging, being too young, not measuring up, speaking in public, our health, and that inescapable thing called death.

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The Surprise of my Life

Apr 23, 2021 Evelyn Collins

  Then fear became a reality. I joined the ranks of the unemployed. I stood behind the paper-filled desk in shock and grasped the desk to steady wobbly legs. With tear-filled eyes, my voice stumbled as I searched for words of acknowledgment.I blankly stared in disbelief. Why did I think I would avoid trials and heartache?

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The Right Fit

Apr 16, 2021 Arianna Dunn

I sat down and took the shoes out of the box with excitement. As I started to try on the shoes, I noticed how snug they fitted around my feet. I tried to walk in them to break them in, but they were still extremely uncomfortable. I searched online to see what reviews other buyers left on the shoes, and every review stated how it’s beneficial to go a size up instead given how narrow the shoes are.   In true Arianna fashion, I bought the shoes in a 7 ½.  As soon as I made my way back to my car, I immediately had buyer’s remorse. I went online to DSW.com and found a size 8. I ordered the shoes, and I returned the other pair within 10 minutes of buying them.  

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We're All In This Together

Apr 09, 2021 Sharon Johnson

For almost two weeks, I questioned whether staying alive was beneficial anymore. I’m still working my way out of that spiral. I’m learning to fund my personal value. This way I can effectively manage my mind, body, and soul in a way that allows me to honor my upbringing without compromising myself in the process. 

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Stretch My Little Bit

Apr 02, 2021 Vonyee Carrington

As I grew in my walk of faith, the Lord brought another scripture to my attention as I continued to ask Him to “stretch my little bit”.  I was not asking for finances this time.  I asked for extension of my strength (both physical and mental); for grace, for peace, and for a host of other intangibles. The new scripture was Luke 6:38.  Like Malachi 3:10,  Luke 6:38 is a command with a promise. The command was “Give” while the promise “it will be given to you.”  Again, like Malachi,   the scripture promises that it will be over and above what we have given.  I put my faith into action.  I paid my tithes, gave offerings, and shared out of the little of whatever bit I had.  A friend told “Giving does not always mean giving out of your finances.”  I gave a stamp because I had one (no charge).  I babysat a friend’s young son while she worked on her dissertation. I gave grace to others when I wanted to feel offended by their actions. I saw God show up time after time and again.  God stretched my little bit. I had more money to give.  I had more time to spend helping others.  I had more grace for others as they moved toward their God ordained destiny.

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“Are We there Yet?” A Message of Encouragement to Writers

Mar 26, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

Our journey as writers follows suit.  We learn many things on the way to where we’re going, such as developing platforms, working with mentors and critique groups, etc. Then the destination of publication, financial gain, and notoriety, are indeed blessings. Yet, as Christian writers, God challenges us to persevere through the process as we strive to know Him and make Him known. Our faith in God to trust Him with our writing careers is often like a road trip with trials, twists, turns—and rewards.  Sometimes we lose our way.  Other times we return places we’ve already traveled.  But it’s all part of the plan to get us where God ultimately wants us—in relationship with Him.

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A Beautiful Seed

Mar 19, 2021 Taylor Wehri

A seed is a complex structure that takes many different components to grow. The outside of a seed is generally hard and tough, but on the inside there are intricate parts that allow for the eventual growth of a flower or plant. As women of God, there are times we wear a tough outer shell like this seed, but on the inside we are searching for purpose and feel so small on the inside.

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Battlefield of the mind

Mar 11, 2021 Sharique Ellison

Have you ever felt like your mind was bombarded with everything at once? One of the most challenging battles we fight daily is simply with our minds. Luckily, we have direction and guidance through the word of God. There is a reason why we must be transformed by our minds instead of allowing our minds to transform us (Romans 12:2). As a woman of God, we have authority in heaven and on earth, and with this promise, we are unstoppable (Matthew 28:18). Today we will discuss 3 ways to actively walk in the grace the Lord set forth for you by gaining victory over your mind. 

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Set Your Mind on These Things

Mar 05, 2021 Arianna Dunn

When we think a certain way consistently, it will eventually become a pattern. A thinking pattern is essentially a repeated way of thinking that is unconsciously habitual. Just like setting our minds on earthly things can turn into a pattern, so can setting our minds on things above. The mere fact that scripture instructs us to think on things above should provide comfort. This means that setting our minds on the things of God is without a doubt necessary, but absolutely possible.

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The Blessing of Friendship

Feb 26, 2021 Vonyee Carrington

Because of the blessing of friendship, I learned that we each are destined to walk a different path. I am not in competition with my friends.  Be a cheerleader! Because of the blessing of friendship, God makes provision for your children. God will send others to come along side you to help raise/provide for your children. Be a helper! Because of the blessing of friendship, I participated in the lives of multiple children. Now, I have 8, plus one beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and funny, *heart children.  Be an auntie or uncle!

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Feb 19, 2021 Arianna Dunn

Perspective is everything.   The way you see life, and the people and things within it impacts your interpretation of just about everything.   Perspective is not just limited to what you see, but it shapes how you see.   Perspective is how we interpret information, people, and things.

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Friendships can come in Seasons and that’s Okay!

Feb 12, 2021 Crystal Johnson

A good friend is not always a person you grew up with; a good friend is loyal to you, accepts you for who you are during your best of times and during your worst time. A good friend keeps your secrets and they refrain from spreading rumors of their opinion about you. If you are blessed with those types of friendships, cherish them.

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