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A Fifth Of The Story
A Fifth Of The Story

A Fifth Of The Story


What happens when you work for the highest security agency in the world but you can't trust anyone? What if you returned from overseas to protect your country but the country didn't protect you anymore? Find out what happens when three close friends return from fighting the enemy abroad and are faced with the greatest battles of their lives stateside. They try to stop their country and families from imploding before time runs out.


Mystery Writing Tips

Oct 08, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

Open with something interesting & irresistible: Our audience wants to be engaged from the start. Often, an exhilarating story opens with the crime itself, and then unfolds. To capture our audiences, we can sometimes use flashbacks while the hunt for the culprit continues.

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New Podcast Launch! Calling Authors Wanting to Build Their Platforms!

Sep 17, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

Authors should write all things related to the murder, mystery, suspense genre. This could be cozy mysteries, true crime, CIA, FBI, cyber and or legal thrillers. We're also looking for all types of experts who authors of this genre rely on for authenticity.  If you're willing to share your expertise in an area, please connect.   We're looking for authors and individuals to be added to  the list to be featured on the podcast 🕵🏾‍♀️ do you want to be featured? Leave a comment or message us!

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Aug 12, 2021 Evelyn Collins

    Here’s the bottom line: as a writer, my reward comes from God, not the person in charge. Thank goodness, God forgives and gives me other chances because he loves me. He leads, and I follow his example of perfection. As a writer, maybe your reward might be something different...

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Author Spotlight on: Frank Perretti

Jul 30, 2021 Antionette Campbell

If you have watched or listened to any of Frank Perretti's stories then you can testify to how animated he is. Perretti draws in his listeners using multiple character voices, silly sounds, vivacious body movements, and on stage demonstrations. Perretti is a wonderful example of how God uses our authenticity and uniqueness in the ministry work He has called us to. 

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Patricia Tiffany Morris-Award Winning Suspense Author

Jun 24, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

But in all seriousness, I find Patricia to be one of the most unassuming people one could meet. Yet, she is full of humility, whimsical talent, wisdom, and creativity. Also, it’s not often you meet someone who operates with a strong left and right brain. She proves you can have it all! Admittedly, I’m slightly jealous and I do need to pray about issues with envy since meeting Patricia. But that’s for another conversation.

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Find The Wind's Eye-A Political, Historical Thriller

May 25, 2021 Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

Torn between his own reverence for freedom as an American and his sworn duty, Gunn suffers the hazards of hard choices that threaten his own life, liberty, and happiness. His first real exposure to the scourge of slavery brings chaos to his ordered life, despite his desperate attempts to control it. Set aboard a small ship in the midst of a gathering political storm, Find The Wind’s Eye is a timely, moving story about a man of principle trying to find his way in a fast-changing, increasingly ambivalent world. He strives to do the right thing, while struggling with the ugly truth of his own complicity in the national sin of slavery.

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