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Author, speaker, educational consultant and ministry leader–Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes, Ed. D., has had her hand in leadership and supervision for many years. Katherine is also a counselor, and owns an event-planning business. Her work in art/writing is distinguished by awards including the New York Mayor’s Contribution to the Arts, Outstanding Resident Artist of Arizona and the Foundations Awards at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference (2016, 2019). Katherine loves speaking to groups, delivering messages with quick wit and real-life stories.
As a Trainer of Trainers, Dr. Katherine Hayes fully believes there many ways to do things well but only one way to do God’s will right. Author, speaker, educational consultant and ministry leader–Katherine flourishes in the area of educational and Biblical discipleship. Her sweet spot or, zone of genius, has evolved from a career spanning 20 years in education and both children’s and women’s ministry, Katherine morphed and transitioned into an educational consultant for charter schools, home school programs and churches that led up program development; growth facilitating and public relations. Easily identifying holes and problem areas in these projects; developing strategic planning and team-building, Dr. Katherine Hayes combines over 20 years of experience into her current consulting business. Bottom line, Katherine provides executive level accountability so you and your organization get the attention to detail they deserve and you start excelling in a healthy, productive, work environment.




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Speaking Topics To Consider

1. Strategies to Succeed When the Odds are Against You
2. Leading from the Heart to Win People’s Hearts
3. Qualities of an Ethical Leader
4. The Difference between a Dream and a “Do-it-to-Done” Mentality
5. Respecting God’s Process for Real Change
6. Progress Measured is a Set-Up for Success
7. Cultivating and Managing Diverse Organizations 

Featured author

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